You are welcome to post questions, comments, and bug reports on Ultorg's discussion forum and public issue tracker (GitHub Discussions/GitHub Issues). There are already answers to a few common questions there.

See the Release Notes page for a summary of features and bugfixes in recent Ultorg versions.

Quick Demo: The Ultorg Database UI in 3 Minutes

A (very condensed!) demo of showing query building, auto-formatting, and data editing on a PostgreSQL database using Ultorg's spreadsheet-like visual interface.

Tech Talk: Ultorg at the 2022 HYTRADBOI Database Conference

An edited 9-minute presentation and demo of Ultorg, presented at the first online Have You Tried Rubbing a Database On It (HYTRADBOI) conference on April 29, 2022. Ultorg is a general-purpose, graphical database app that connects to existing data in PostgreSQL, CSV files, and other data sources.

Tech Talk: Ultorg—A General-Purpose User Interface for Relational Databases

A longer talk about the Ultorg project, hosted during the pandemic by MIT CSAIL Alliances. "Ultorg's founder and CEO Eirik Bakke proposes a solution to arbitrary relational databases through a single, general-purpose user interface that non-programmers can use to interact with arbitrary relational databases."

Demo: Queries from "SQL for Data Scientists"

In this demo, we connect Ultorg to the example database from Renée Teate's freshly released book, SQL for Data Scientists. We then recreate queries from the book using Ultorg's visual query interface.

Demo: Which Banks are Still Processing PPP Applications?

In this demo, we use Ultorg to analyze public data about the U.S. government's Paycheck Protection Program, a stimulus package for small businesses. With the program's end date quickly approaching, small businesses will want to apply through banks that are processing applications quickly. We use Ultorg to join data about eligible financial institutions with data about approved PPP applications, to find the banks that approved the most applications in the program's last months, and which might still be accepting applications.

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